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It’s a new month and we know what that means…a new athlete with a new interview. This month the Force Feed spotlight is on Marshall White, professional strongman. A lot of people claim to be “Strongmen” but few can claim what Marshall can. He is a pro level strongman, has placed top 5 4 out of the 5 times he competed at America’s Strongest Man, and has competed on the biggest stage of them all (World’s Strongest Man 2009). He also is partner with Brandon Morrison of Lift Big Eat Big showing people how to fuel their larger than life gains all while rocking spandex. From powerlifting to strongman competitions the word strong doesn’t even begin to describe Marshall. was more than happy to sit down with us and answer a few questions. Read up on what “Sweet Dub” has to say and I guarantee you will learn something.

1.Thanks for chatting with us. Can you tell me a little bit about your sport/background? What did you do first? How many sports did have you participated in? How did you get to where you are now?

I grew up in Texas so I of course played football growing up.  As I got older I realized how much I hated playing football, but I also realized how much I loved lifting in the off season.  I was watching worlds strongest man on ESPN when I was about 17 and decided right then and there that I wanted to be the strongest man on the planet.  I’ve participated in almost every strength sport, simply because I love moving heavy things.  Powerlifting, Oly lifting, Highland games and of course my one true love strongman.  I’ve been a pro strongman under American strongman corporation for almost 7 years and I’ve traveled the world and met some amazing people.  One thing I can say that I am extremely proud of is that I am without a doubt one of the strongest human beings on this planet.  I got to where I am by working hard as hell and by simply being in love with what I do.  When you truly and thoroughly enjoy something you will go further. There is no secret to success, only hard work.

2.How important do you believe food/nutrition is to being a better athlete? Any philosphies or trains of thought you follow?

I believe your nutrition is vital to being a good athlete.  I do believe in eating a large amount of protein but as most of you know I’m a FIRM believer in carbs and fats being a huge part of your diet.  I believe a super hi protein but low carb and fat diet has been made popular by bodybuilders and is not applicable to strength athletes.  Currently I have made the switch to a gluten free diet and it has changed my life, I gained almost 20lbs and my lifts have skyrocketed.  What’s even better is I am mentally in a better place than I’ve been in a long time.

3. What recovery techniques do you use if any? What have you found works best and what have you found useless/less effective?

My involvement with LBEB has opened me up to a lot of previously untapped recovery methods.  Pastor B (Brandon Morrison) has shown me how to use foam rollers, floss, lacrosse balls, etc.  These have helped my recovery tremendously.  I also eat more if I feel more recovery is needed.  I’m really not a firm believer in active recovery.  We have a saying at LBEB “if you can be active on your rest days you didn’t work hard enough”

4. Walk us through a day in your life: what do you eat? When and how long do you train?

Recently like I mentioned I have gone gluten free so I have removed oatmeal  and grains and wheat from my diet.  In the morning I eat my usual “Marshall bowl” (1cup brown rice, 4 eggs, 2 scoops true nutrition protein, yogurt and pie filling) but instead of oatmeal I use brown rice.  Then I eat 5-6 more meals throughout the day 1 liquid meal right before training.  Most of my meals now are chicken and rice or sweet potatoes.  I’ve gotten away from as much beef simply because its been giving me wicked bad heartburn.

5. What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you in regards to training and getting stronger? Anything you would like pass on to someone trying to get where you are?

As a young man I was squatting with my good friend Floyd wilder, I squatted 405×3 and it was a STRUGGLE, Floyd then put 25’s on the bar and I said “I don’t think I can squat that” to which he replied ” I didn’t ask you….get stronger”.  I think that about sums up this game, you can talk about amazing form and work your technique and all these things to your hearts content but in the end, no one asked you……get stronger.  If your main focus isn’t getting stronger you are only fooling yourself into thinking you’re doing something worthwhile.  As we at LBEB like to say ” you keep your great form, we will just enjoy being cock diesel strong”.

6.What is the most impressive feat of strength you have accomplished to date?

Honestly I think my most impressive feat of strength is that 405 thruster I hit a while back.  I caught some shit for that lift but I can only think of a VERY few men that could replicate that.  The best part was it was my 1st time doing thrusters! I shocked myself with that lift.  Sometimes it’s those “small” gym lifts, those personal accomplishments that mean the most.

Now that is a perspective. Very few people practice exactly what they preach these days but Marshall does exactly that and then some. For more information on Marshall White, check out his site and follow his training and impressive lifting on YouTube.
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