Food Prep Tips for the Busy Athlete

Image Source Athletes tend to be busier than the average Joe. Hours a week spent in the gym soak up time that could otherwise be used to cook meals or go out to eat. Because time is at a premium, many of us find ourselves drinking protein shakes or picking up takeout or fast food. […]

Stretch It Out: Types of Stretching & How They Impact Recovery

image source Stretching seems to be a lost art these days. There are a lot of training experts out there with their opinions on how stretching should or shouldn’t be done. Stretching is the process of lengthening or extending the muscles in your body through specific movements. There are many types of stretching methods and numerous benefits to including stretching in […]

Honey Lime Fruit Salad

Fruit is an important component of an athlete’s diet. Simple carbs are used by your body quickly, while complex carbs such as bread, pasta, and rice take longer to break down and convert into energy. As a rule of thumb, I try to eat a piece of fruit at breakfast, as it gives my body […]

Thin Mint Protein Shake

As a weightlifter in the 105+ kilo category, my weight is important. In fact, I need to watch what I eat closely to ensure that I’m getting MORE than enough calories. I’ve been battling for a year to gain (and maintain) an extra 20 pounds. The only time I find this task easy is Girl […]

Carnitas Tamale Pie

One of the most popular recipes we’ve shared has been this one for carnitas, or slightly spicy pulled pork in the crockpot. They are easy, fairly cheap, and delicious to make. I usually turn it into a burrito bowl and have this over cilantro-lime rice and beans, and then topped with salsa and sour cream. […]

Ice: Have We Been Wrong This Whole Time?

Image Source I love me some ice baths, and when I feel sore after practice, you’ll find me with an ice pack on my leg. But what if ice isn’t the savior we think it is? And worse, what if it’s actually a BAD IDEA? I’ve been doing a lot of reading into sports injury […]

Avocado & Tuna Salad

For lunches, I find myself eating one of two things: leftovers, or a Tom bowl: ground beef, potatoes, and veggies. But that gets boring sometimes. Or, some days, like today, I’m out of beef. (It’s rare, but it happens.) This tuna salad is easy, full of protein and fat, and is very filling when served […]

Burgers: The Ultimate Lazy Lifter’s Meal

I dare you to find a weightlifter who doesn’t like burgers. You hear stories of people like CT Fletcher and his affinity for Big Macs, or people like me, who would visit In-N-Out more times than I care to admit when I lived in California. Burgers are great fuel for training sessions, and even more […]