Reducing Inflammation in Your Joints: VooDoo Flossing Tutorial

VooDoo flossing is awesome. It sounds crazy and like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Made popular by Kelly Starret of MobilityWOD, this technique is really helpful in removing the inflammation and pain in joints.

I have pain in my knees, and on occasion my wrists and elbows, and this helps tremendously. Check out the video and see if it can help you.


6 comments on “Reducing Inflammation in Your Joints: VooDoo Flossing Tutorial”

  1. Olybeast Reply

    Is it best to wrap directly on the joint (like you did for your wrist in the video)?
    Is it the same for the knee, elbow, etc.? (wrapping directly on the joint).

    Thanks for the vid.

    • The Strength Agenda Reply

      Yes, you want to wrap directly on the joint, as you would treat a muscle strain. The same concept applies for all the joints you’re doing this for!

    • The Strength Agenda Reply

      yeah there are many ways to split a hair and this was one we were getting a lot of questions about. Once MDUSA’s new facility is complete we plan on doing videos on the different cryo therapies that are available.

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