Poliquin Article: To Do Sit Ups or Not?

Alright now I am a huge fan of Charles Poliquin. So when he comes out with an article that I feel is worth it I want to share it with all of you. In the world of strength and conditioning there is always going to be some “guru” that comes out with the newest method of being the best. Whether it really works or not is not their concern they just want to get enough people hooked on their idea and boost their reputation. I have never heard Poliquin claim himself to be a “guru” and he has been a mainstay in this industry for quite some time. If I want answers on a certain topic, his website is where I go. He has the facts, no bs, and will give you the information straight. There is no sugar coating and those looking for quick fixes are often disappointed. Bottom line read his stuff and do it with an open mind.

The article that is posted today is written about an age old debate on whether or not sit ups are good for your back. Personally I have always tried to do other things besides sit ups to work my core.But that is because I find sit ups boring and want something else to do.  Give the article a read and you be an intelligent individual and make your own decision. Knowledge is power so get you some of it and use it.

Check out Poliquin’s article here

  1. Ed says:

    I like Poloquin too but he’s just as bad as the rest of ’em. Remember when he claimed he helped an “unnamed” NFL player pack on 29 pounds of lean muscle mass in one month just by megaloading fish oil?

    Good times, good times. But ultimately I agree, sit-ups suck.

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