Sauerkraut & Kielbasa

A super food and sausage — can a meal get any better than that? It does if it’s on the table in less than thirty minutes. That’s faster than a pizza, people!

I’m Polish, so it’s no surprise that I love this meal. Sauerkraut is a comfort food for me, but a healthy one at that. It’s fairly low in calories, so it is great if you’re watching your girlish figure or if you’re cutting for a competition. The addition of butter in the recipe helps boost the calories up some, so use more if you need it, less if you don’t, or even do a half and half mixture of olive oil and butter.

Fermented foods like this are great for the digestive system. It will help your system regulate your steak and bacon habits, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. (If you’re not…it helps you poop!) The kielbasa is simple and precooked, so you’re just heating it with the sauerkraut and onions, and then you’re done. If you don’t like kielbasa, any smoked sausage will do here, or you can cook fresh sausage first, take it out and use the drippings in the pan and some butter to cook up the onions and sauerkraut, then add the cooked sausage back in. Want to get fancy? Add bacon, or a thinly sliced apple. The sky is the limit here, and it’s really hard to screw this up, people.

Sauerkraut & Kielbasa

Serves 4
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 25 minutes
Total time 30 minutes
Meal type Main Dish
This tangy, good for you sauerkraut is doctored up with a little butter and onion. Add smoked kielbasa and you have an easy meal ready in under half an hour.


  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 Medium onion (diced)
  • 16oz sauerkraut (drained, not rinsed)
  • 1.5lb smoked kielbasa


Step 1
Heat butter over a large skillet on medium heat.
Step 2
Add diced onions and saute on translucent, or about 5 minutes. (If you'd like, you can thinly slice up an apple and add this now, too.)
Step 3
Drain your sauerkraut and add it to the cooked onion. Stir to mix, and cook on medium heat (while stirring occasionally) for another 2-3 minutes.
Step 4
Slice your sausage into desired link size -- we prefer about 3-inch long pieces.
Step 5
Turn the heat to low, add the sausage to the sauerkraut, and cook until warmed through, or about 15-20 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent burning.
Step 6
  1. Matt says:

    This was one of my grandmother’s favorite meals. She would always put a pinch or two of caraway seeds into the kraut also.
    Great stuff, thank you!

  2. Thomas says:

    Very tasty! Washed it all down with some gatorade after particularly tough training day. Thanks for all the great recipes on this site!

  3. Dan says:

    What’s the best sauerkraut for this? I made some the other day but the sauerkraut I got ended up being very bland and killed the taste for me. Do you always use fresh sauerkraut or canned?

    • The Strength Agenda says:

      We use Boar’s Head brand…it’s in a bag in the refrigerated section near the sausage. Did you rinse the sauerkraut? I made the mistake of doing that once and it also left it with a very bland taste.

  4. mare says:

    Hey, make your own sauerkraut! Easiest fermented food to make, ready in 7 – 10 days – see Real Food Fermentation by Alex Lewin for recipe (beginning of the book is filled with un-scientific nonsense.) Caveat: ferment your kraut slowly in coolest area of house – remains crisper.

  5. Jacob says:

    If you cook for x2 as long with a low heat it is just that much more delicious, but if you’re on a time frame then it’s good eating either way. It’s also nice that this is an amazing dish with or without added spices. Long live sauerkraut!

  6. kathyd says:

    So easy & delicious! I added a few slices of green pepper chopped to the onions. I didnt have an apple, so I simmered the polish kielbasa in apple juice and added those juices to the sauerkraut mixture. My guys loved it!

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