Should Athletes Go Gluten Free? Part 1

So if you look back at all the recipes posted, you will notice that they (for the most part) are gluten free. There is a two part reason for this. 1) My wife Beth is Celiac and therefore cannot eat gluten. Now I enjoy a cheeseburger or pie every once in a while but for the most part we eat gluten free because it’s easier. I have noticed positive effects on my training when avoiding gluten, which is why I continue to do it. 2) There has been a lot of studies and research done lately showing the effectiveness of eating a gluten free diet for not only for the everyday person but for athletes as well.

Before I can convince you that this might be a good idea, you first need to understand what gluten is, and why it’s potentially bad. Below are three articles that I found useful and interesting that cover the basics and meal planning for a gluten free lifestyle. I hope you take the time to read through them because the next video is going to be an interview with some of my teammates that follow gluten free diets and how it affects their training and daily activities. Almost half of the men of TeamMDUSA avoid gluten, and I think it’s a trend worth exploring.

This article is from the Mayo Clinic and was the first one I read when my wife was diagnosed as Celiac. It covers the basics of what gluten is, where it’s found, and how to avoid it.

I found this one on the Huffington Post a while back. The title is what caught my attention but the I really liked how the author laid out the information and actually backed their points with facts.

The last article is from and focuses more on athletes. This article touches on a lot of key points the others do but explains a little more why athletes can benefit just as much from a gluten free diet.

This diet may not be for everyone but I feel like it has many health benefits and can do good things for you and your body. Read up on these articles and you decide for yourself whether or not a change may be needed.

Watch out next week for the video!

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