Armadillo Eggs

I know this sounds strange, and to be honest, I’m with you. But every once in awhile, I really want to eat something ridiculously cheesy and meaty, so when I found this, I knew I had to attempt to make them. Armadillo eggs, a staple in Texas diners, are peppers that are stuffed with cheese, […]

Poliquin Article: To Do Sit Ups or Not?

Alright now I am a huge fan of Charles Poliquin. So when he comes out with an article that I feel is worth it I want to share it with all of you. In the world of strength and conditioning there is always going to be some “guru” that comes out with the newest method […]

Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

I dig Polish food. A lot. As evidenced by my sauerkraut & kielbasa obsession, I try to eat certain Polish foods a few times a month. Why? Well, besides the fact that I was brought up with them, as an adult, here’s what I’ve discovered: They taste good. They’re fairly cheap to make. They usually […]

African Peanut Chicken

I like most food…you’re hard-pressed to find a 105+ kilo weightlifter who is a picky eater. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, African…I love all of it, but I find it intimidating to cook. Some of the recipes require a lot of foods and spices that aren’t regular visitors in my kitchen. But lately, I’ve fallen into a […]

Sauerkraut & Kielbasa

A super food and sausage — can a meal get any better than that? It does if it’s on the table in less than thirty minutes. That’s faster than a pizza, people! I’m Polish, so it’s no surprise that I love this meal. Sauerkraut is a comfort food for me, but a healthy one at […]

Should Athletes Go Gluten Free? Part 1

So if you look back at all the recipes posted, you will notice that they (for the most part) are gluten free. There is a two part reason for this. 1) My wife Beth is Celiac and therefore cannot eat gluten. Now I enjoy a cheeseburger or pie every once in a while but for […]

4 Ingredient Chocolate Coconut Pie

My name is Tom and I enjoy long walks on the beach and baking. I’m kidding. I hate walking on the beach because I sweat, and baking is, uh, how do I say this nicely? Better left to my wife. But this pie can’t even be considered baking. In full disclosure, I’ve never made it. […]

9 Things Every Athlete Should Have in Their Kitchen

I wrote this post after a long and lengthy discussion with my wife. She’s the main cook around here, and the kitchen is her domain. I say that not as a jerk, but as she truly loves cooking (and oh, horrors of all horrors, doesn’t like the way I put the pots and pans away). […]