Mark Bell on Carb Backloading

Over the last few weeks I have been getting a lot of questions about Carb Nite/Carb Backloading. Who should do it? What are the Variations? When is the best time to do each? To be honest I have read the Carb Backloading Book and it makes sense to me, but as with everything, everybody is different and not the same thing works for every person. With that being said, you have to understand the main principles of each program before you start trying to configure a plan that works for you. There is one person that I know of that knows the ins and outs of both programs and that is Mark Bell. I met Mark while I was training in San Ramon at California Strength. Mark owns SuperTraining Gym in Sacramento, is the Editor for Power Magazine, an elite powerlifter, and inventor of the SlingShot. The guys knows his stuff and is willing to talk with people about all sorts of topics. In this video he discusses Carb Backloading/Carb Nite and who these programs work best for and other alternatives if these aren’t for you. Check out this video and hopefully a majority of your questions get answered.

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