Meat Manifesto!!!

***Tom’s Note*** This article is written by a fellow Highland Games brethren, Josh Roslik, or the funniest dude I know. (And I know a lot of dudes.) Josh has competed in Olympic Lifting, was a National-level Judo competitor, trained in powerlifting, and is now waiting for the perfect opportunity to stake out his claim in the Masters division in Highland Games. In all seriousness, Josh has been a huge resource for me as I prepped for my new life as a full-time strength athlete, and I think all of you need to hear what he has to say. As someone who not only knows his way around the kitchen but loves it, he’ll be supplying us with more articles and tasty recipes in the future.

(Vegans, Vegetarians, and Vegemites, please pass this article by)

Ren: Okay Kowalski, what kind of sandwich do you want?
Kowalski: MMMEAT!!!
Ren: And what kind of bread do you want?
Kowalski: MEAT!!!
Ren: Meat-on-meat, eh? (Ren slaps two slices of meat together) Okay, here’s your meat-on-meat sandwich!
Kowalski: AAAGGGHHH!!!
Ren: What’s wrong now, Kowalski?
Kowalski: TOAST MEAT!!!
(Strangely prepared for the situation, Stimpy already has two slices of meat popping out of a toaster, which Ren takes and hands to Kowalski)
Ren: Here.  What’s wrong with you now?
Ren: And what would you like to…drink?
Kowalski: MEAT!!!
Ren: Get him a glass meat, will ya Stimpy!?
Here’s the deal folks, we NEED protein, and animal protein trumps all when it comes to recovery.  This means meat.

Shakes (and other supplements), while fine, just don’t get the job done.  Unless the “job” is going to the bathroom.

Here the problem, though: convenience.  It’s hard to make and keep enough beef/pork/chicken around to make a dent in your recovery needs.  Or IS it?  Here are a few suggestions:

Crock Pot

  • Beef Roast in Au Jus
  • Cuban Style Pork
  • Whole Roasted Chicken


  • Salmon poached in orange juice
  • Buy Shrimp and imitation crab when they are on sale


  1. Get the leanest you can find.
  2. Make a ton of them.
  3. Wrap in lettuce instead of bread.
  4. Win.

Shredded meat is (roasted, or cooked in the crock pot) is great for quesadillas, on sandwiches or wraps, or put into soups (or anything you can think of really).  You can even sprinkle some on vegans to keep them away from your vegetables. 

Remember: keep the fridge stocked with MEAT….more recipes to follow!

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